While I am known as “The Nail Lady” in my home town of Scottsdale, Arizona, I’m also artistically known as "The Jewel Lady"

From playful to elegant; using sterling silver and gold, with Swarovski crystals and Cat’s Eye beads, my hand crafted jewelry designs can be enjoyed to help you compliment your own unique personality and style for virtually any occasion. The look is as unique as you are, yet allows you to make a statement about who you are every time you wear one of these pieces.

Originally from the beautiful state of Oregon, I have been a sun lover of Arizona for the past 19 years and love the beauty of the state and kindness of the people.

I am the super proud Mom of two beautiful daughters that keep me honest and a precious Granddaughter that brings me joy each and every day!

Olivia Bracelet Bling web.png
The Jewel Lady