Tips to Clean your Swarovski Bling

So, you've made the investment in your beautiful Swarovski Bling and LOVE showing it off!

You may wonder though, how do I maintain the luster and shine of my Swarovski Bling?

Check out these helpful tips to clean your Swarovski Gems and Pearls

Swarovski Crystal Gems: Occasional polishing of your Swarovski Crystals with a soft, lint free cloth is always a good idea and will help you to maintain the original sheen of your Swarovski Bling. If your Swarovski Crystal Gems are soiled, they should be gently cleansed by hand in lukewarm water with a few drops of mild dish detergent or soap. After cleansing, rinse your Swarovski Crystal Jewelry under warm running water and then dry with a soft, lint free cloth to avoid water spots. After cleaning, place your clean and shiny Swarovski jewelry in a protective pouch and store in a dry, cool place until ready to wear to avoid scratches and maintain shine. Under NO circumstances, should any abrasive or corrosive detergents be used and glass and window-cleaning fluids and chlorine should also be avoided, as they can mar shine and inhibit the shine and sparkle of your Swarovski Jewelry.

Swarovski Crystal Pearls: Swarovski Pearls should be cleaned with a soft damp cloth and mild soap, and then rinsed and allowed to dry on a soft cloth. Never clean your pearls with solvents such as acetone or any nail polish remover or alcohol. Either could potentially mar or cloud your beautiful Swarovski Pearls. Also, pearls should not be cleaned in an ultra-sonic jewelry cleaning machine. Harsh cleansers can wear away the coating of your precious Swarovski pearls over time causing them to loose their beautiful luster.

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