Swarovski Teardrop Crystals

Swarovski Crystals come in a fabulous variety of shapes, sizes and colors. Featured in this Blog Post is the Swarovski Crystal “Teardrop” Shape.

The Teardrop bead is one of the most versatile crystals I use in my designs. From single teardrop or cluster earrings, to the ever popular angel earrings and sun-catchers that bring such joy!

The Teardrop Swarovski Crystal bead is available in two different sizes: 9x6mm and 10.5x7mm.

Although these beads can be used in many jewelry styles, they are most commonly designed for pendants and earrings. Is the a special design you would like custom made? I would love to collaborate with you!

Check out “The Creation of Swarovski Crystals” and “Tips to Clean your Swarovski Bling” for more information.

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